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Feb. 6th, 2016 07:57 pm
Hey guys my name is Abubakr from UAE. I came upon dreamwidth when I was lookin for places to write apart from my blog which is only about food. I have a lot of things to share but to do so I have to open a new blog, get viewers and then start up a fan Base which is just a straight of pain in the neck.

When I wanted to start a blog to write about my interest, food, nobody took the initiative except one person, she was special and brilliant, not academically but she has so much potential built inside and I knew this was the person for a successful blog. When we started it, we had a huge number of visitors and it was the best thing we both could imagine. Our relationship grew at a really quick pace and now she is my love interest. After starting up the blog and helping a person to build up made me feel achieved for the first time, it was a great feeling. I'm still trying to find such people who I could help so that they become successful and my search so far has fetched no real people, yet. This post is not only my first post about myself but also a search for the next big thing. If you are interested, you can visit my blog - and send in a post thru the options in the navbar. If you are not interested, at least lemme know how I write!

Thank You guys!


Abubakr Sajith

February 2016

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